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We’re a family-run bakery 
that prides itself on creating indulgent, flavorful, and ingredient-conscious delights.

Love for Cream

All we can say is it was absolute Heaven in a box! We live in North Carolina; they traveled safely and beautifully packaged (I’m a packaging dork), fresh, and tasted delicious days later.

Hani G.

Cream Bakery is like nothing I’ve ever had before. And I’m very hard to please with sweets. There are so many choices and I haven’t had a bad thing yet.

Mattew T.

These aren't the artificial-tasting goods you get at chains. These are brilliantly made goodies with attention to every last detail and extraordinary flavors and ingredients. So special!

Georgia B.

Say it with Brownies

Cream is a delightful gift for any occasion. Enter a gift note at checkout and we’ll include it in your box.

We make ‘em like they used to.

I started Cream Bakery with the goal of creating indulgent and classic baked goods crafted with only real ingredients.

I saw how friends and family in different parts of Europe enjoyed desserts – frequently but thoughtfully, rarely in excess. I realized quality was being compromised in the mass-manufactured sweets I had grown accustomed to eating. Too many were filled with artificial ingredients & cheap replacements. As a result, sweets turned into unhealthily addictive food in which quantity beat quality.

So we decided to “make ‘em like they used to”, with the sole focus on baking with purely high-quality ingredients. We use butter rather than shortening, real preservatives like honey, pure Belgian chocolate, and much more. Each recipe is thoughtfully prepared in small, hand-made batches.

Despina Kontomanolis

Executive Pastry Chef