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—  menu  —

Delivery-Only Service
Minimum order of $50
*Orders must be placed 1-2 weeks in advance. Please allow extra time for holiday & large event orders.



—  Classic New York Style  —
Slow-baked. Set atop a sweet & crunchy thick graham cracker crust, topped off with our homemade whipped cream.

—  Vanilla Bean  —
Made with Madagascar vanilla bean. Our Classic Cheesecake with a vanilla twist.

—  Cookies & Cream  —
Crunchy & thick chocolate cookie crust, and a center loaded with chocolate cookie crumble.

—  Caramel  —
Made with homemade caramel, blended with original filling.



Brownies & Bars

—  Fudge Chocolate Chip Brownie  —
An intense semi-sweet Belgian chocolate flavor complimented by a soft fudgy texture.

—  Pecan Bars  —
Made with homemade caramel and crumbly shortbread.

—  Chocolate Pecan Bars  —
Drizzled with pure Belgian chocolate. A symphony of caramel, nuts, & chocolate.

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—  Classic Red Velvet  —
A light & moist cupcake with perfect velvety texture.

—  Vanilla Velvet  —
Our classic delicate & airy cupcake made with pure vanilla.

—  Chocolate Velvet  —
A rich & fudgy chocolate cake made from real cocoa.

—  Double Chocolate Velvet  —
An even deeper chocolate cake with 60% darker cocoa.

—  Assorted Minis  —


—  Frostings  —
- Vanilla Cream Cheese - Cookies & Cream - Peanut Butter Cream - Vanilla Mousse Buttercream - Chocolate Mousse Buttercream - Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Buttercream - White Chocolate Mousse Buttercream - Caramel Mousse Buttercream - Strawberry Mousse Buttercream - Raspberry Mousse Buttercream - Lemon Mousse Buttercream - Coconut Mousse Buttercream - Whipped Cream

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Specialty Items

—  Flourless Chocolate Cake  —
Pure Belgian dark chocolate, vanilla, fine sea salt, & liqueurs. Rich in flavor, light in texture.

—  Red Velvet Layer Cheesecake  —
Our classic cheesecake between two layers of red velvet cake. Garnished with our vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Cream Pies

—  Cookies & Cream Pie  —
Delectable whipped cream filling packed with mounds of chocolate sandwich cookie pieces, on a chocolate cookie crust.

—  Peanut Butter Cream Pie  —
Graham cracker crust coated with a blanket of melted chocolate.  Smooth peanut butter mousse filling topped with signature whipped cream.

—  Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Pie  —
Graham cracker crust laced in a chocolate hazelnut glaze, filled with soft chocolate hazelnut cream & whipped topping.


—  Chocolate Chip  —
—  Double Chocolate Chip  —
—  Sugar  —
—  Cranberry White Chocolate Chip  —
—  Peanut Butter —

—  Beer Cookies (rotating selection)  —
Transforming spent grains into beer flour through toasting and milling. Paired with the finished beer and carefully chosen complimentary flavors.

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